Thursday, June 4, 2020

Three Geese

Three Geese / Oil on black canvas / 4x12 / $78 including shipping

THERE ARE PLACES IN MY HOUSE where the dog hair collects. It's probably a combination of the layout of the house, the air currents, the architectural and decorative elements, and where the dogs (and people) tend to hang out. 

In this house, there's an unexplained step up from the kitchen to the living room, and at the base of that step, the hair collects. It's right by the trash can, so every time I go to toss a paper towel in the trash, I bend down first and swipe the linoleum at the base of the step. And every time - Every Time! - whether it is one time a day or 20 times a day (back when paper towels were not a luxury), I collect a small pile of dog hair. 

I started thinking the other day that there are surely places in my life and in my mind where things collect, in much the same way. Bits of architecture and pieces of mental furniture where thoughts become entangled, where they stop developing. Where they stick and stick, again and again, and probably will forever. 

I think these are thoughts and ideas about people, and thoughts and ideas about plans - and even thoughts and ideas about problems. The thoughts hit the bottom of the step and just stay there, collecting dust, until I either swipe them up and toss them out, or just forget about them. 

For Today

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." 

- Abraham Lincoln

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