Friday, June 12, 2020

Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager / oil on black canvas / 4x4 unframed / $48 including shipping


I'M TAKING A BREAK next week from my bird-a-day project. I've painted and posted about 100 birds, or pretty much one a day (weekdays) since January. And thanks to you, I've sold most of them! 

My wonderful dog-sitter is available and willing to come to my house, so I am going to brave New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, and get to Rhode Island to visit my daughter for a few days. It will be a short trip, but long enough to give me a break, let me see some new sights. 

The birds will be back after my trip, though I might start mixing some other new pieces in with them. And I do wonder whether the birds have run their course? I've been thinking of a series of small florals - a Bouquet a Day. What do you think? 

Thank you for reading, for buying, for loving my paintings - and me. I know it, I feel it, I appreciate it. See you in a week or so! 

For Today

RECENTLY,  LIESL, LEXIE AND I have been letting Koko, Doc and Lulu run, in the fenced-in ballpark down the street from my house. Koko and Doc had run several times before, but Lulu has never been off leash anywhere but the back yard. Her joy (she is the one with the white legs) and her speed are remarkable. A quote in motion! 

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