Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Bucksnort, Tenn. Oil on stretched canvas, 8x10, $75

The Tennessee morning dawned clear and sunny - and cold. School systems in the eastern part of the state had delayed or canceled classes, and people were sending snow photos to the TV weather guys. Honestly, there wasn't much snow. But if you live in Tennessee and it snows in April, that's a lot of snow. One of the photos was a cute, raggedy dog with some snow on its nose. See? We let the dog out and he came back with this darn snow all over him. Hold him still while we get a photo!

I set out and soon enough, came to Bucksnort, Tenn. Honest. I had to get off at the Bucksnort exit, and I admit that I spent some time ruing (rueing?) the fact that, had I just driven a little farther Monday, I could have spent the night at the Bucksnort Motel. If Bucksnort had had a post office, I'd have spent the morning mailing letters, just so my friends and family could have Bucksnort postmarks.

One car went by me in the couple hours it took me to paint this. And no buck snorted, though I was listening!

A final note. Bucksnort borders Birdsong.


r garriott said...

Hey! There's a Bucksnort in Colorado. Well, it's not a town, just a roadhouse. Near Pine. Out in the boonies.

Fun to read about your road trip!

Lori M Rowe said...

I realy like this one, I hope you are enjoying the trip. Paint happy

carrie jacobson said...

there's a Bucksnort? You must GO! Thanks, R and Lori - I am indeed enjoying it all..