Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two... two... two barns in one!

Two views from outside Sun City, Kansas. Each is oil on canvas, 10x20

Kansas is a lovely, clean-lined place with huge blue skies, neat arrangements of land, and a wealth of lovely wheatfields. The new wheat - winter wheat, I was told - is green. Last year's wheat is golden, and it is this that I love so much.

But before the wheatfield paintings, here's an interesting choice. I made the top painting first, on a road outside the lovely and largely deserted town of Sun City. The sun was indeed out, the wind was blowing, and the old barn, surrounded by trees, beckoned my eye and heart.

So I made this painting - and then it occurred to me that I could have made this painting a year ago. So what have I learned?

On this trip, I believe I learned to be bolder with color and bolder with paint. And so I pulled out another canvas and did the painting again. The second one, I did with more verve, more speed, more energy - and more paint.

I think I like the second one better. But what about you?


Sandy Sandy Art said...

Yes Carrie! I like the 2nd one a little better, however the sky in the first is intriguing too!

P.s I lived in KS as a kid and I remember, it was always windy there!

Unknown said...

Yes, I second the second. I wish I could see your paintings just a wee bit bigger though... am I asking too much?

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you both! And Sheila, I will indeed make the paintings bigger. I thought they'd come out at 5 inches or so when you clicked on them, but now I see they are only about the same size. At first, they were coming out full size when you clicked on them. Can either of you help me figure out how to do this correctly?