Friday, April 24, 2009

Holland, Indiana

Holland, Indiana. Oil on canvas, 10x30

As I drove through Indiana, I began to see fields covered with purple. I guessed the purple was wildflowers, and I was right. Sometimes, the fields were light pink, sometimes, they had a thick purple-pink hue.

I got off the road in Holland, Indiana, to close my eyes for a few minutes. While looking for a place to pull over, I saw this house, sitting in a field that was yellow on one side and pink on the other. Clouds were rolling in, dark and threatening, and the low light seemed to bring out the colors in the field.

As I painted, the clouds moved closer and closer and the wind picked up. I finished this piece moments before the rain began.


GREENLEAF! said...

Wow, so you're an artist?
I didn't know that.

It brings out the texture.
And the way your text illustrates it in your painting.
It's lovely.

carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Greenleaf, yes, I am an artist. I'm the one who's been making the paintings that accompany these posts! Thanks for reading. Glad you like the painting.