Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didja Miss Me?

Saturday in Scotland. Oil on canvas, 20x20

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if you are interested in buying this painting

Hi, everyone!

I gave myself a vacation last week. Didja miss me?

I realized that I've painted and posted nearly daily for well more than a year, without a meaningful, intentional break. What kind of a boss would ask this of an employee?

So while the weather was horrible and rainy and cold, and the studio was unheated and uninsulated, and while I was tired and running back and forth to NY and worrying about the house closing that never happened, I gave myself a vacation.

I painted some, and enjoyed it. I saw family and friends. I went out to dinner and out to lunch. I read books and magazines and catalogs, I watched TV, I slept late, cooked, spent time with Peter, did a bunch of long-neglected chores, began to understand and look for used RVs, and I relaxed. What fun!

Now I'm back, I'm posting, and I have a few really interesting paintings to show you. This one, I painted in a gale, on a hillside overlooking a vineyard in Scotland, Conn. It's more ambitious than most of my paintings, and I like it. I used a brush and a palette knife, and am finding that sometimes, I like the way they work together.

Thank you, all who called and emailed to make sure I was OK. And to all, thank you for reading.

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