Thursday, October 29, 2009


Quonnie Pond
 Oil on stretched canvas, 16x20

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OK, all you Rhode Islanders... "Quonnie" is short for...?


And that's fairly close to Misquamicut and Weekapaug, and not so far from Wequetequock or any number of other hard-to-spell places.

I went to the Fire District Beach with Peter one golden afternoon this week. First, it was just us there in the parking lot, me setting up to paint, and, closer in, him putting on his waders. Then, almost before you knew it, there was a small town of fishermen there - and yes, they were nearly exclusively male. Erika and Samantha and Ashton came down, and Erika's fiance Jon came also, and I painted feverishly while the sun raced toward the horizon.

The fishermen stayed long after I did, fishing for stripers and blues. The sun set in an absolute fire of magenta and orange, streaks of color so vibrant they made you speak aloud and stir with wonder and awe at the beauty of this world.

It was a sparkling afternoon, the kind that we live for in New England.

A footnote here. In my snit of the other day (I am over it, thankfully), I failed to send you to a place where you can see my husband's truly brilliant photographs. Go to and click on "Photographs by Peter Jacobson". Or just click through from this posting.

Thank you for reading!


Art with Liz said...

Hi Carrie, I left a note on your last post about acceptance at shows and all that, but nothing appeared! I must have pressed wrong buttons again. Anyway, Judy said all that I had to say.

This is great - the blues are absolutely wonderful and vibrant even if the names are hard to pronounce!

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, Liz - Thank you for the note - sorry your earlier comment didn't make it. It's probably something I did wrong... I get to be all thumbs sometimes! I love the blues in this, too, and am particularly happy with the sailboat, which to my eyes looks like it's floating.

I might go back and adjust the color of the sand beneath the little rowboat. I've been looking at the painting and the sand is just too yellow.