Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Living with Dogs

Burnished Brush. Oil on canvas, 10x20

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if you are interested in buying this painting

Peter decided to head to the beach this morning, in spite of the wind and the rain, to see if it was possible to fish. There are sheltered places where you can cast a line sometimes, even in a storm. But really, I said, he should take the van. The Miata is no fun in the rain. It leaks, it gets very humid inside, and other cars splash you into blindness when they pass.

So I took my paint bag out of the van, and set it in the driveway, and leaned this painting against it.

He left and I took the dogs out.

They're not very happy to go out in the rain, our dogs. Even Smokey, the toughest of them all, is unhappy about getting his poor little feet wet.

But I yelled and pulled and berated and prodded, and eventually, I got them all into the back field, where they sniffed and poked and did their business.

"Back to the house!" I yelled, and they took off toward the deck.

I counted them, as I always do, and found that Woodreau, the little bichon, was missing. And he's usually the first one through the door.

I looked out into the driveway, and there he was, sniffing around my paint bag, sniffing around my painting and then - yes - lifting his leg to pee.

I yelled, and he looked at me with saucy devilment in his eyes. Then he put his leg down and scampered up onto the deck and into the house.

The painting is unmarked. I know. I sniffed.


Unknown said...

OMG!!! Hilarious! The story not the painting. Love the painting.

carrie jacobson said...

hee hee - I had to laugh, myself. The painting is pretty good, really, and a steal for the price, but the whole incident was so hilarious, and Woody was so funny, I didn't even care if he'd wrecked the piece.

Art with Liz said...

So what's the matter with having TWO signatures! What a laugh! Great painting by the way, no wonder he wanted to make his mark.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Liz - Great way to look at it. Woody wanted to get in on the action!

Anonymous said...


I found you via the Colby Magazine. I'd love to see a larger photo of this painting. Any chance of that? You can e-mail me at

And although I love dogs, I'm happy to stick with one signature!