Thursday, October 22, 2009


Looking West. Oil on stretched linen, 11x14

Yesterday, I hadn't planned to take the dogs to Central Bark, but the expressions on their faces, and the fact that I had about 30 minutes to spare yesterday afternoon changed my mind.

I should have stayed with my first idea.

Jojo is probably part Australian shepherd and part pit bull. She is athletic, loud and bossy. She tries to herd the dogs at the park.

Smokey is most probably chow and sharpei. He is a serious dog with a long fuse. But when pushed, he will get to the end of the fuse. And that's what happened yesterday, I guess.

We'd just come through the gate when a big golden retriever mix ran up to Smokey and inserted himself in Smokey's space. Just like that, the challenge was thrown.

Jojo was already halfway across the park, and so I walked toward her, hoping to lure Smokey away from this bigger dog, but I'd only taken about 10 steps when a deep, rasping snarling fight broke out behind me and I knew Smokey was in the middle.

Jason, Rocky's owner (see yesterday's post) was right there, wearing a very heavy jacket. He stepped in and pulled Smokey off the other dog. The other dog's owner pulled it away. I got Smokey's collar on him, just as nosy Jojo came running up to see what was happening.

We left then. Smokey was unharmed, it seemed, though he's a little stiff today. The other dog seemed unharmed, too.

It was surprising to me, really, and not surprising, as well. I know dogs fight, but until now, I've just seen them argue. But I guess that, just as some people take an immediate dislike to each other, some dogs do the same.

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Unknown said...

used to handle a lot of post-brawl reports. got your adrenaline up I bet.

Like the little bit of yellow in the sky with this one.