Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Guy

Newfoundland. Oil on canvas, 12x12. Contact Center Framing & Art in West Hartford, Conn., for price and shipping information.

I met this Newfoundland a week or so ago in West Hartford Center, walking down La Salle Road. The dog was walking, that is, all 130 or so pounds of him. His human, a woman who probably weighed 90 pounds, was being walked along with him.

My mother was walking one of her black Labs when he took off and yanked her. She smashed onto the curb and broke her kneecap.

I trembled a little when I saw this birdlike woman with this giant dog.


Unknown said...

very cool... I like this Navy/Yellow's very dynamic!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks! Today I see I have glare on the photo. Darn!

When people ask me about commissions, I always have to caution them that what they see is what they get - i.e., if they have a black dog, they are probably going to get a blue and purple dog... you know? I really do like the colors on this guy...

Anonymous said...

What a mug! You so perfectly caught the lunky-ness of this lovable beast and clearly show that color is entirely subjective.
There's no mistaking this as a big ol dog. Blue or not.

Wonderful piece.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks! I am pretty happy with the way he came out, too. And "lunky-ness" is indeed the right word, for sure. A giant, lunky fellow.