Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Harpswell

Saltwater Farm, Harpswell
Oil on stretched canvas, 12x48,
I've been working on this painting since August, bit by bit, piece by piece, when I've had the time, and when I've had the right questions and some of the right answers.

I like to think that it's the best painting so far in my Big Field, Little House series. I know I joke about this, I do - but these are the paintings of my heart and my soul.

I'm starting to understand that this is how I see the world. We are a small piece of a large universe. We walk on the land, we till it, we balance on it, we cultivate it - and it surrounds us, in all its God-given glory and breathtaking beauty.

Some people see loneliness in these paintings, but I don't. I see evidence of humanity and of family. I see shelter and peace and privacy. I see a vast world, so rich it needs no decoration or construction. I see a world so filled with beauty and with wonder that it becomes, in itself, a companion.

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