Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time for Time

Early Evening. Oil on canvas, 8x24, or 24x8, $150

The first days of the time change always leave me feeling pressed and pulled and somehow watery. Nothing in my soul has caught up. Even my eyes are working wrong.

Though these days end early, they start early, too, and for those of us who roam, sleepless in the night, this is a welcome change.

These lonely dawns have a special edge. The solitary vision of the insomniac, the single focus of the troubled sleeper, the unmet hope of the exhausted, all these are softened by a sunrise that seems to offer itself to you alone.

All too soon, this light of early dawn will drain away. And so, unsettled though I am by time's erratic passing, I will greet the day with quiet joy, and listen as my heart sings the song of morning.


Robin Weiss said...

WOW! Beautiful prose and a very wonderful abstract painting of dawns early light.

What is it about this time of year that has us all peering out the window at three in the morning, watching the dancing shadows animated by the moons reflected light?

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you so much, Robin!

I think the change in weather, and the change in time just make for an unsettled feeling... and that's good, in my mind - something changes and then everything changes, and I see things new again.