Friday, November 6, 2009

The Tamed and the Wild

When Worlds Collide. Oil on canvas, 8x24

Close readers of this blog will recognize this as the same spot where I painted On Golden Field back in September. It's just an open field at the side of Route 184 - but it is lovely and ever-changing.

It must be marshy. One day last year, I drove by, and there were about 30 cows standing knee-deep in the field, mooing and having themselves a fine time.

I could hear them today, but I never saw them, so they must have been over the crest of the hill.

In this painting, I really like the way the tamed and the wild come together. The lawn to the left of the painting could not be greener or more cultivated. The field is wild and chaotic and free. And the two meet, and coexist, like so much of the best in life.


Art with Liz said...

Gosh Carrie, can't believe you suffer from arthritis so young! I find that sugar and fizzy drinks are my trigger - try and isolate yours, it's so worth it!

And to say that you have such a gift for bringing feeling into your plein air pieces - I especially love your plowed fields!

carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Liz - Thanks for your note. I'm so glad you like the plowed fields. They really speak to me, of harvests past, and plantings to come, of sleep and waking and the cycle of life and death and rebirth. There's a place in New York state called the Black Dirt Region - I paint there whenever I can - it is what it sounds like, rich in soil and promise and landscapes.

As for my arthritis, thanks for your comment. I'm 53 - is that young for arthritis? I jogged for many, many years, and was a skier for many more. It all takes its toll.