Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Barn, Route 17A

Red Barn, Route 17A
plein air
Oil on canvas, 18x18

I had the chance to see my work hanging in the homes of four friends this weekend. It is hard to describe how amazing and uplifting and joyful an experience that is! 

Their financial support means a lot to me, for starters, and even more than it might because most of these friends were unemployed or underemployed when they fell in love with my paintings and bought them. How amazing is that? 

But more than the money is how these paintings matter to them. I know that when Gittel is sitting at her desk and working, she gazes at my sunflower painting, and remembers or dreams, or thinks of a field full of sunlight. When Sherry is in virtually any of the rooms of her house, looking at one of my paintings brings her to a place that she loves - and I love. When Patrick sees the sunflowers on his living room wall, he will smile and take heart, and when Joanie looks at Buddy, she will feel sad, but healing, will remember him with joy. 

My paintings have helped us share experiences, and talk about things we might never have discussed. And while my paintings have given my friends a view into my soul, seeing those paintings on their walls gives me a view into their souls and into their lives. 

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