Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back on Marlin Lane

Back on Marlin Lane
Oil canvas, 36x48
First of all, there was just a gigantic spider on my lamp out here in my garage studio, so if this posting is a little scattered, please forgive me. This spider was the size of an apple. I caught it and brought it inside (I used a coffee mug to capture it, and it barely fit inside the mug). Then I woke Peter up, though it was only a little after 6. He told me the spider was harmless, and that, in fact, there is a much LARGER one in one of our other outbuildings. EEEEW.

But I looked them up, and they are indeed harmless - just big. They are black and yellow argiope spiders, also called garden spiders, and while this one totally freaked me out, I guess we will still be able to live here, even though I now know that there are spiders this large here.


To more painterly subjects... After looking hard at my booth, and talking with Peter, I decided that one of the things that's missing is Big, Splashy, Juicy paintings. I have one left - but the rest have sold! So I am on a mission, and of course, it's a mission that pleases me.

Here's one of the big pieces, 36x48. It's a larger version of a 10x10 that I made last week. I'm pretty pleased with it, and the feeling that it gives. It's just how our salt marsh looks - minus the mosquitoes.

I will be buying some Big canvases this week - so be prepared for some Big New Stuff!

See what I mean? 

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Luisa said...

Hi, Carrie
Good work, wonderful use of the pallet knife. You have grown in your expression. I love it and am in awe of what you have done. Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings, Y-woman!
p.s. have e-mailed you, but since you have not replied I'm guessing you are busy with the paints.