Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunset
Oil on canvas, 30x30
Please contact me for price and shipping/delivery information

The first day of the Paragon show in Leesburg, VA was a good one! This group seems to have its act together. The main streets in town are closed to cars for the event, and the artists caravaned in on Friday evening to set up. The work is really good, as far as I've seen, and we are being treated well by show staff, visitors and businesses.

I made my booth fee on Saturday, and while that's not a lot of sales, it is promising. There was a lot of interest in my work, and a couple times I thought paintings were going to sell. It's so tantalizing, so exciting - and such a let-down, of course, when they arrive at the decision not to buy. Or at least not to buy now.

But I like this show, and who knows what Sunday will bring! If you're in the area, please stop in! Leesburg is a beautiful city, with historic buildings, interesting restaurants and a cool downtown. I'm on South King Street, and I'd love to see you!

Here's my booth in Leesburg, with the morning sun shining in. I'm on South King Street. 

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