Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Morning Farm

Friday Morning Farm
Oil on canvas, 12x36
Please email me for price and shipping/delivery information

Just down Route 13 from Wachapreague is a town called Painter. I painted in Painter on Friday, and I have to say that I delighted in the very fact of painting in Painter.

People often ask how I found Wachapreague. I have always told them that I was driving up Route 13, and just got tired of being on Route 13, and so I took a right, and five miles down the road, found Wachapreague.

But when I was painting on Friday, it occurred to me that I was probably sort of drifting, driving up Route 13, and that seeing the town sign "Painter" woke me up a little. Woke my brain up. I mean, what painter wouldn't want to live in Painter?

Alas, Painter itself is not that interesting. It does have pretty farms, and some nice houses, but it's no Wachapreague.

Here's my painting, in the landscape. The shadows had shortened noticeably by the time I finished!

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