Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Church in the Mountains

Church in the Mountains
Oil on black canvas, 10x10, $125

I'm more than a little enchanted by the neo-Spanish architecture that dominates the landscape in and around Tubac. 

A painting I made last year shows some of the colors. But it's more than the colors. It's also the shapes, the square roofs, the rounded doorways and architectural projections. I like the way the sun hits these buildings, how the bright sides really capture the light, and the dark sides sink into deep, warm shadows. I like the way the deep colors of the mountains and of the earth show off the buildings, and how the subtle grays and greens of the winter trees and bushes softens and highlights everything.                                                                                                            I was happy, then, to find this Spanish-style church, with its cupola and tower sticking up above the brush, tall and bright in front of the mountains behind. The afternoon light was bright and rich and yellow, and warmed my winter bones while I painted. 

My painting in the landscape


REALLY? GRAVES FUNERAL HOME? Turns out Tommy Graves III played one season for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and won a Super Bowl XIV ring. Now, he and his double-breasted brothers run a funeral home in Norfolk. This 10-second ad came on during a playoff game.

Dog of the Day

Here's Ruth, whom I met while I was painting the church.

A Final Thought

"Don't be an art critic, but paint. Therein lies salvation."

- Paul Cezanne

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