Saturday, February 20, 2016

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still

Sorry for the delay! The show here in Tubac lasted for five days, and it's always hard, if not impossible, to post during a show. Then I got a terrible, stupidity-inducing head cold. THEN I fell down a step and twisted my knee so badly I couldn't put weight on it.                                                                                       I've been lolling around, knee elevated, for days on end, and finally, this morning, I was able to gimp around a little bit without leaning on furniture or a cane.                                                                                                   So I am still in Tubac, at Dad and Paula's house, and there's a lot to be said for an enforced vacation and a long stretch with D&P. Yet I am eager to get home, to see Peter and the wolves (dogs), my friends in Wachapreague (Hi, Pat! Hi, Carol!) and to start painting again. But first I have to be able to walk to the van, and then to get up in it. 

The show was pretty good! I saw lots of people I know, met many new folks, sold a few paintings and had fun. My friend Cynthia Battista (she's an amazing jeweler - click here to check her stuff out at her Old Stone Studio page) was right beside me, and new friend Brenda Peo (see her wonderful animal paintings and more, by clicking here) was right up the road from us, as was photographer Rick Sprain (check out his stunning images by clicking here). Last year, Rick was right beside Cynthia and me, and we missed him this year, as he was around the corner. 

No telling whether I'll be back to Tubac next year, as there are big goings-on set to take place in the winter of 2017. I'll tell you more soon... 

Scenes from the Road

Here's Dad and Paula's house in Tubac, where I'm currently resting my poor hurt knee. 

Saw some cool cars at a car show in Tubac! 

The gem show in Tucson has all sorts of stuff - yes, gems and minerals and fossils, like the giant ammonite below, which must have been 18 inches across. There's also just cool stuff, like fabric, key rings, drones and scarves, above.

Dog of the Day

He was in Tubac, and he was Not Happy that I was daring 
to walk past in the road, stare at him and yes, laugh a little. 

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