Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting it out

Outside Patagonia, Arizona. Oil on stretched canvas, 10x10, $75

After a long conversation with Peter, I've decided to stay put for the day in Holbrook, Arizona. It is so windy that a cloud of dust has blown up over the prairie, and the van was rocking back and forth, as I sat in it in the parking lot. There will be no painting today, at least not for hours and hours. I might go out exploring, but with the dust, it's going to be hard even to see.

So I will take a day off. I'll nap, and read, and if the wind dies this afternoon, I'll venture out to paint. Sounds pretty good to me!


Unknown said...

I'm so envious! This turned out Great! love the hills and the happy little clouds...

carrie jacobson said...

Ah, the happy little clouds! You and Bob Ross, my first painting hero. Thank you, Sheila, as always. xo