Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Little Chihuahua

Fat Little Chihuahua
Oil on canvas, 12x12

Well, life with all its twists and turns has given me something new: a job.

In three weeks, if all goes according to schedule, I start as the local editor for in Montville, Conn., a town just across the river from. is funded by AOL. It is an effort to get good local news out to readers on the internet. It has a simple and elegant interface, and seems to focus on the right stuff. I will be working at home, in my car, wherever I am, finding news and crafting features about people and events in Montville.

I will be earning pretty good money for this, and will have health, dental and vision benefits - and more - starting on Day One. is supplying me with a computer, police scanner, camera, phone and all the rest of the stuff that a roving news-gathering operation needs. (There is a part of me that wants to let these people know that journalists are accustomed to being treated like unwanted guests, not like valued employees, but I am going to keep my mouth shut. )

Peter is going to step into his old role of doing all the housework, all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc., and so we both believe that I should be able to do this job and continue to develop my painting career.

Honestly, short of having a patron suddenly appear and offer to pay all the bills for the next couple years (if you're out there, please make yourself known!!), this is the best shot I have of earning enough of a living to live on until my sales really pick up.

I'm selling more paintings and doing better than I had ever believed possible. If it weren't for health insurance, I would be very close to breaking even, and that's truly a miracle. But this is, too.

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Art with Liz said...

Cute little dog! And well done on the most amazing job Carrie!