Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gaspe Cowscape

Gaspe Cowscape
Oil on canvas, 48x60
Please email me for price and delivery information

OK, it's probably a little nuts to make a 48-inch by 60-inch painting of cows. But I loved painting it, and it's a really cool piece! It's very bright (there's a surprise, right?) and that brightness doesn't seem to show up on my screen here, though it did show up as I was working on it.

I could drive myself crazy with this stuff, and all to no avail. If I get it right for my screen, it still could be wrong for yours. But if you want to see this painting - and more - in full-blown color, come to the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. It's Aug. 14 and 15 in downtown Mystic. I'll be on the corner of Willow Street and East Main, conveniently close to Tim Horton's.

And this is very good for me, for all sorts of reasons. My daughter worked for Tim Horton's for a few years. She worked hard for them, and did a great job, and in the end, they treated her very badly. So whenever I can, I go into a Tim Horton's, drop my trash in their trash cans, use their bathroom, and leave without buying anything. It's not that I never buy coffee from Tim Horton - I do - but I try to keep the ledger so that I use more than I put in. It's my little personal crusade.

When Heather and I were in Canada, we bathroomed and tossed our trash nearly exclusively at Tim Horton's. I feel that I made more progress in my crusade in those three weeks than I have in the past three years.

If you want to see this painting and you can't make it to Mystic, or you just don't want to deal with the insanity that is the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, drop me an email and come to the studio! I'll give you coffee and maybe even let you see the elephant.

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