Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give Me That Ball!

Give Me That Ball!
Oil on canvas, 12x12
A couple weeks ago, while I was messing around with this blog, I stumbled into a place that allowed me to add row of little icons at the foot of each blog post, so that a reader could email the posting, or send it to Facebook or Twitter or a couple other places that I've never heard of.

Well, I stuck the thing there, and just yesterday, it occurred to me that maybe if I hit the "Facebook" button, it would send my blog post to Facebook, or send a link or something. So I tried it and, lo and behold, my painting and a link to the blog post appeared on my Facebook page. (I think I did something in between, but can't remember what).

My friend Bonnie Brankey (check out her blog!) was about as excited about this as I was, which is to say, we both thought it was pretty cool. She wanted to know how to do it.

The conversation went something like this:

Bonnie: How did you do that?

Me: Hmmmm. Let's seeeee... I don't really remember. I have no idea where that thing was. It was on a page with tabs on it, I remember that.

Bonnie: Dashboard? 

Me: Dashboard? Maybe. The place where you can design your stuff. Is that Dashboard? 

Bonnie: I don't know. I don't see it in Dashboard. 

Me: Well, it's probably not in Dashboard. Maybe it's where you make a new posting. That's where it is, I think. Yes! There it is. See the tabs?Click on the tab that says "Arrange" or "Amend" or something like that. Then look down near the bottom, about halfway, for a button thing that gets you to the doodads. 

Bonnie: The gizmos? 

Me: The widgets.

Bonnie:  The gadgets? 

Me: The doodads. Look there. Look for something that says "edit," and then when you hit it, a box will pop up, with a whole lot of other boxes for gizmos you can have, and the Facebook thing is in there... 

At any rate, it went on like this for a while, and I just had to laugh, listening to this stumbling conversation from the outside.

We fumble our way through all this stuff, don't we? We don't know the words for anything, and we can't remember how we did anything, but damn it, we address the task with desire and vigor.

And that makes up for an awful lot.


Patrice said...

ha ha ha ...

Wonderful, wonderful portrait, - and I loved the technical information you have helpfully provided in your tale...

"Desire and vigor"... if only I could find a man with those qualities...

Ummm - okay - I want you to know that in the interest of good taste and uh, decorum, I just deleted an entire bit of metaphorical humor... Instead, I shall go check out Bonnie's blog...

carrie jacobson said...

Wish you hadn't deleted those naughty bits... also so glad you liked the technical information! That's just about how it is in my brain... you know, I connect this doodad to that thing, and then it all snatches something from out of the air and voila! there it is!