Sunday, December 30, 2012


Oil on canvas, 12x12

I was painting before Christmas in West Hartford Center, CT, in front of Center Framing & Art, when a woman came up and started ooohhing and aaahing over Rae, which I was painting at the time, and also over another dog portrait I'd done earlier (to come in time here on the blog... it's a surprise for someone who, I think, reads this blog).

We got to talking, and after a time, she asked if I ever donated work to causes. I told her yes, thinking that she was probably working up to asking me to donate.

Did I ever donate to the Montessori School in West Hartford? I said that yes, in fact, I had - donated a certificate for a dog painting.

"It's me!" she said, laughing and clapping. "I'm the one who won!"

The donation and silent auction had taken place months earlier, but it wasn't until that very week, she said, that she'd been able to get a good photo of Colby, her little dog.

Truly, this is an amazing world.

If you want a portrait of your pet, please contact me! I work from photographs, and they don't have to be great ones. A 12x12 painting is $350; I can include any colors you like, in the animal or in the background. The process takes four to six weeks from the time I start to the time the painting arrives at your doorstep. If the painting is to be a gift, I can send a gift certificate to you to give for any occasion!

Here's the painting of Colby that I worked from:

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