Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Light Beneath the Clouds

The Light Beneath the Clouds
Oil on canvas, 36x60
This is why we moved here, so that we could live up the road from this marsh, and I could see it a hundred times a week, and get to know its swirls and colors, the way the birds fly over it and the streams run through it.

We moved here to be in this light, to learn to see it, to learn to paint it, to live in its brilliance and its sparkle, its deep reds and light pinks and clear yellows and its many blues.

We moved here so that I could make this painting, and many more to come, and share them with you, and sell them to people who can't live here on this marsh, but want to feel its beauty every day.

We moved here so that I could make the most of the blessings that have been given to me. I am grateful every day, for them, for the courage to do this, and for the help and support you all give me, each and every day.

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