Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunflower Triptych

Sunflower Triptych
Oil on canvas, 12x48, 48x48, 24x48

On Saturday, the fabulous Ronet Noe and I painted on the sidewalk in West Hartford Center, in front of Center Framing & Art, the gallery that represents both of us.

I've often painted there, and have done so several times with Ronet. It is always fun, with lots of people out shopping, lots of kids and dogs, folks meeting and greeting on the sidewalk, very much like a small town, back when downtown was the place to be.

We made an extra effort on Saturday, not only because it is the holiday season, but in response to the terrible, horrible death and devastation that was visited on Newtown, CT, on Friday.

I mourn for those families, and I pray for them in the chasm of grief and despair where they must find themselves. I think nothing will ever be the same for them - and really, for us. If grade school is not a safe place, what is?

But we must go on. To change things, to alter the trajectory of this country, we must pick ourselves up and go on. And so Ronet and I painted, and did our best to bring some joy into what was, for many, a very dark day.


This large piece is going to a home in the Berkshires on Monday. It's going to hang on a wall that has been empty for years, waiting for the right piece of art. I am honored that one of my paintings will fill this waiting wall.

If you would like a custom piece for your home or office, please click here to email me, or call me at 860-442-0246.

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