Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Swirling Sky

Swirling Sky
Oil on canvas, 36x36

A while back, I made a series of paintings in which I left much of the canvas blank. I loved this look, the pure white blank space, to be filled in by your imagination, or your memories, or your dreams.

And people did just that, when they saw the paintings. The houses were standing at the edge of a cliff, or in the middle of a snowstorm, or nestled into dunes - and there were more stories, more ideas. It was great to hear them, and to talk about these paintings with people. 

But in the end, I stopped making them. It was very hard to sell them. While lots of people got it - and I sold quite a few of them - many didn't, and didn't understand why they'd pay good money for a painting with almost no paint on it. And I do understand that. Also, no matter how careful I was, the beautiful white canvas picked up smudges and dirt from the shows. 

Recently, I exchanged pieces with Judith of JWV Artists in Charlotte, NC, and got my biggest blank-canvas painting back. This past week, I filled it in - and ended up with this painting. I have to say I like it even better than the original. I love the thick, undulating dunes, love the swirl of the clouds in the sky, love the contrast of the two parts together, linked by the houses. What do you think? 

You can see this painting and other new pieces at the Paradise City Arts Festival this weekend in Northampton, MA. The show runs from Saturday through Monday. Click here for more info! 

Here's the original


Really? Wouldn't you think about changing the name of your town? 

 Here's the flier I've been working on for the 101 Dogs project. If you click on the flier, you should be able to read everything. Otherwise, click here to check out the project on the Jacobson Arts website:!101-dogs/ci93
Dog of the Day
My friend Tiffany told me this story. A guy she works with had to euthanize his dow two years ago, and has missed him ever since. The guy wanted an American bulldog, and applied for an out-of-state rescue - and never got a response of any kind, not even an acknowledgement of his application. 

Tiffany told him to be patient, that the right dog would come along and would find him. Sure enough, this dog came in to the local shelter. He got a wash and a dry and went home with Larry to see how it would work. I haven't heard back, but something tells me it was Meant To Be.  

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