Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Route 13 Barns, Large Version

Route 13 Barns (large version)
Oil on black canvas, 48x48

I loved the small version of this painting so much that I made a larger version. It's a barn on Route 13 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where we live. I'm drawn to it again and again. Every time I see it, I photograph it, and I've painted it a number of times. 

In this one, the rows of planted whatever in this painting are even more  brightly colored, even more oddly three-dimensional than they were in the first one, or in any of the ones I've made.

I looked at this painting for a long, long time this weekend and realized that I don't really know how I painted it. Don't know how I made those rows look so 3-D. It's something about stroke, and color and rhythm - and something more, something I can't quite name. 

I vanished into the painting of this one, letting sadness go and healing come. There was a lot of work in this painting, a lot of time. A lot of letting in God or the nature or whatever you call the higher power that I believe brings the inspiration and the magic. 

And sometime soon, this painting will bring that magic and inspiration to someone's home. I'm looking forward to seeing where it ends up. 


One good thing about the days turning cold is that I get to wear my new hat.
My friend Elizabeth Buebendorf made it for me. Isn't it great? 


Some happy buyers, above and below, who visited my studio 
in Wachapreague recently, and had their choice of paintings.
 If you'd like to come by and see my new art, please drop me an email!
If I'm there, I'd love to see you. 

Dog of the Day
I'm a good dog. Aren't I?

A Final Thought
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Art is knowing which ones to keep." 

- Scott Adams

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