Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Marsh - Me, a Guest in Another Blog - and Welcome, Koko

Tuesday Morning on the Marsh
Oil on black canvas, 16x16

The salt marsh was the first thing that attracted me to Wachapreague, and it continues to call to me. Every day, the marsh says something new. The colors, the wind, the way the light reflects. The tips of the grasses, the shift in colors from gold to red to green. The rich dark musty smell of the mud. The whitecaps that show on occasion. The water turns indigo in the winter, turquoise in the summer, gold in the right light of dusk. 

And even more than how it looks is the life of the marsh. Birds of all sorts light there, to catch their food, build their nests, swim and sleep and do what birds do. Animals and insects gather in abundance, and live and die, enriching the muck and adding to the ecosystem. 

Sometimes in the mornings, when the tide is low, the smell of the marsh is overpowering. Some people can't stand that smell; I love it. It's the smell of life going on, eternal and unchanging and always changing, too.

RECENTLY, I RECEIVED an email out of the blue from Sadie, who writes a blog called Sadie & Co - Her and Her Dogs Plus the Cat

Sadie is a fellow artist and animal-lover, and she found this blog and asked me if I'd be willing to answer a few questions, and show my art, on her blog. Of course I said Sure. 

Thank you, Sadie! 
Dog of the Day, Dog of the Future

I have adopted Koko, the puppy you see here. I just missed Jojo too much. I missed her love and companionship, and I was adrift without it. Peter found Koko, in the foster home of Christine Stark, who also fostered Abby. 

Christine lives near Asheville, NC, and I arranged my trip to Texas to cut across North Carolina near Asheville. We met in a WalMart parking lot, on a cold morning. Koko was shy, timid, not wanting to come out of her crate at first. But after we'd met for a while, she began to jump around and play, smother me with kisses, nip me with her puppy teeth, and we began to fall in love. 

I have left her with Christine, and I'll come back on my way home and get little Koko, and we will start our lives together. She will never be Jojo; she will never replace Jojo. But she will follow my sweet girl, and she will be my new companion.  

A Final Thought

"I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free." 

- Michelangelo


Sadie said...

Hi, Carrie, it was my absolute pleasure to share links to your site and introduce your project '101 Dogs' on my blog. Congratulations on your new addition - Koko.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Both the gorgeous painting and the beautiful Koko . . . and most of all, you, starting to move on just a little bit . . . . Jojo would be proud. :)