Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Road Home

The Road Home
Oil on black canvas, 24x36

In just a few minutes, I'll be getting in the car to head north for the Paradise City Arts Festival, this weekend in Northampton, MA. 

The show runs Saturday through Monday, and it's one of the high points of my show year. There's wonderful 2-D art, great jewelry, the most beautiful furniture ever, and very cool clothes, clocks, glass, sculpture and wood. Much of the work is very expensive - as long as we have dogs, we will never spring for furniture like what I see at the show - but it's inspiring to look at, and it's an exciting festival in which to participate. 

All that being said, this will be the first show I've done since Jojo and Zoe died, and my first foray into a sort of public space, where my own expectations are that I will engage and enthuse and transmit my excitement about my paintings. I believe I can do it, but it will be an internal stretch to bridge my sadness. I also believe that I need to do it, that it will help me get closer to the joy of living again. And I am truly excited about my paintings. 

Another wonderful thing is that my friend, the amazing jeweler Cynthia Battista, will be in the show, too. You can see her jewelry by clicking here.  We won't be set up very close to each other, but it's always good to do a show with a friend. 

I'll be in the Morgan Barn, Booth 409. Cynthia will be in the Arena building (the big building), near the Gazebo, at the far end. I think her booth number is 642. 

Fatal Beauty
This stinkbug somehow got part of one of my paintings on him. I know it will kill him, 
and I do feel bad about that, but he's very beautiful, all in color. 

Dog of the Day

 I ran into this woman and her four dogs in Mystic, during the show there. The dogs were all so different, and so funny, and they got along great together.

A Final Thought

"The emotions are sometimes so string that I work without knowing it. 
The strokes come like speech." 

- Vincent Van Gogh

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