Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Starling / Oil on black canvas / 5x5 / $68 including shipping

This bird has flown!

OK, THE WHOLE LONG NASTY story of starlings rang in my ears as I painted this, but I found myself admiring them. Being impressed by their resourcefulness, their success at survival. Their resilience. 

They are not native to North America, though by now, they might as well be. They compete for food and for nests, and they often win. They are so amazing at finding feeders and emptying them that many people, myself included, take the feeders in regularly when the starlings come to call. 

So, yes, they are pests, they are invasive, they cause lots of damage to crops and animal feed. They disrupt backyard ecosystems... but they are kind of pretty, in a dark and glinting, emerald and ebony sort of way. 

My Loyal Blog Readers

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For Today

The Germ

A mighty creature is the germ,
Though smaller than the pachyderm.
His customary dwelling place
is deep within the human race.
His childish pride he often pleases
by giving people strange diseases.
Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?
You probably contain a germ. 

- Ogden Nash

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