Sunday, January 4, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Corgi No. 1. Oil on panel, 8x8.

Snow still covers the land here, and I painted two snow pieces yesterday that I really like... But I'm also working on some dog paintings, and thought I'd offer one up, for a change of pace.

Kathryn Skelton, a friend and birthday buddy, sent a photo Christmas card of herself, her husband and their four Corgis. For starters, I think the whole concept is very cool. Usually, or at least in my life, the only people who send those cards are your regular nuclear families. It's like the old Christmas letters... no one ever sends them out saying, "Well, Joe got kicked out of school because he got caught cheating on his exams, and Mary Sue just can't seem to lose that 50 pounds she put on after the birth of her illegitimate child... " No, those letters always are all sunshine and light, and those picture Christmas cards always show a husband, a wife and at least one human child.

So, good for Kathryn and Israel, who have no human children, for sending out such a happy and paradigm-shifting Christmas card. Being a member of a nontraditional family myself, I felt cheered and validated.

And the corgi dogs, to put it in Mainespeak (the Skeltons are from Maine), were wicked cute. So cute, I just couldn't resist. I'll have all four panels done soon, and will showcase them here as a unit.

In light of the nontraditional holiday, I've been thinking that perhaps next year, I will make some nontraditional resolutions. I'll resolve to start smoking again, or, better yet, chewing tobacco. I'll make a point of avoiding absolutely all exercise. I'll resolve to wash only once a week, cuss incessantly and, on Thursdays, eat only chocolate.

Really, wouldn't it be delightful to make resolutions that even your most slothful self could keep?

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