Friday, January 9, 2009


Corgis. Oil on panels, 32x8.

On these frigid winter days, and in light of the 23rd annual Art Show at the Dog Show contest, and surrounded as I am by those of the canine persuasion, I've been having an absolute blast painting dogs.

These four insane Corgi dogs have amused me to no end. Painting them was a real challenge, too. In the photo I had, their eyes were very dark, all except the third from the left, whose light eyes began to spook me as I worked. The rest, I had to find their eyes. And I had to find ways to differentiate the one from the next. It was really fun! I haven't met these dogs, so I don't know how well I got them, but I sure enjoyed the process.

If you know anyone who wants a portrait of a pet, send that person my way. So far, I've only tried dogs and cats, but I'm willing to apply myself to any pet. To see more, visit and click through to "Pets."

Thanks for reading!

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Unknown said...

OMG Carrie! These are amazing. You have proved a point as to why we need what you've been proposing!