Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home on the range

Range Cattle. Oil on cradled gessoboard panel, 6x12. Sold

I was driving through a Wyoming prairie when this herd of cattle just moseyed across the road. Far as they were concerned, I was in their territory, not vice versa. They got to the other side of the road and just gathered there, eating grass and staring - unnervingly - at me. It was noon, and the sun shone on their backs and cast deep shadows on their rich, thick coats. I went up the road a ways, scared a small herd of antelope, then turned around. These cows stared at me the whole time.

I am posting early, so I can bring a piece to Hygienic XXX, the wildest free-for-all I've ever seen in the art world.

For those of you who don't know about it (that would be anyone living outside the eastern Connecticut/southwestern Rhode Island area, probably), this annual show invites anyone and everyone to enter one piece of art. And baby, if you say it's art, it's art. There's no jury, there's no censorship. The only limit is the amount of space on the walls.

I entered 20 years ago. Made a collage out of stuff I'd found on the streets. It was pretty cool, with bits of wire and mirror and shiny glass, twists of rope, and twigs and heaven only knows what else. I remember going to the show (it opens on the same night you bring your piece) and being amazed at the range of art. From pure and utter junk to soaring, amazing sculpture and painting to fully pornographic pieces, wow, it was all there.

And so, I'd better get going. It's 8:26, and honestly, I've probably dawdled around so long that all the spots are already taken. If so, oh, well. There's always next year.

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Unknown said...

Love the painting... love the fact you're going to show. Did I miss which piece it was going to be?