Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dream a little dream

Victorian Castle, oil on canvas paper

Well, another experiment, courtesy of the Different Strokes challenge ( The challenge was to paint a Victorian townhouse, in San Francisco, I think.

I'm not that much a one for architecture, at least not detailed architecture, and so I just began fooling around. Got past my first idea, which was to paint the mother from "Psycho" in the upper window... and ended up with a castle at sunrise/sunset.

Sure, one week soon, I will paint the challenge straight. But for the time being, I'm enjoying taking these challenges and making them into something that really challenges me.

I am looking forward to spring. The air has grown more clear, and the sunshine, warmer, more yellow. But there's snow and now ice everywhere, and it's not lovely, not here at least. Maybe I need to go to Maine or Vermont and just soak myself in snow and paint landscapes that are supposed to be locked in snow in January.

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r garriott said...

I found you! The link from DSFDF was off by one letter.

I like your inventive approach to the Victorian castle; wild colors!

Hope you got your spot in the Hygienic XXX-- Look forward to seeing future postings from you!