Friday, January 23, 2009

Second verse

Tulips II. Oil on masonite panel, 8x8. Sold

I took another stab at the tulips. This time, I used a palette knife for most of the work on the flowers. The mug, I did with a brush. I like the mug, and the way the light shines through the vase and reflects on the floor. But I'm really looking to going outside again!


Unknown said...

Wow! love this Carrie! spirits up I assume?

carrie jacobson said...

Spirits up, indeed - and mostly because of you and our pet-painting notions! Thanks for the comment, Sheila!

Robin Weiss said...

This is great Carrie! Sometimes it pays to explore a subject a little further.

The abstract forms and negative space areas are very pleasing to the eye in this painting...also the color works wonderfully!