Thursday, January 1, 2009

A bright new year

Harkness Park, Oil, 10x20, $65

Happy New Year, everyone! I painted this one on a chilly afternoon earlier in the week. It was cold enough that after about an hour, my paint got thick and hard to work. But it was a tropical paradise compared to today.

I was out with the dogs in the new-fallen snow this morning, and it was cold. Ten degrees. The frozen sap in the tree limbs popped like gunshots as the wind howled. In about three minutes, the dogs were howling, too. Their feet froze, and they looked at me as though somehow, I was to blame. And I guess I was.

I got them all back in the house without incident, and it seems more than likely that the day will warm. But no oils for me today - at least not outside! I'm thinking an in-the-car pastel trip is what I need. It is gorgeous outside. In the early morning light, the snow was blue and pink, and still on branches and stone walls, in the sheltered places. On the untrodden paths and open fields of our land, a perfection of white held true. I'm itching to paint!

It is a new day, a new year... and the 21st anniversary of my sobriety. That's something to be thankful for, indeed.

I step into this hour, this day, this year in the light of the clearest hope and truest dream I've ever had. In all my years of doing work that I believed mattered, I only rarely had the sense that what I produced enchanted people or made their lives - or mine - better. Now, I have that feeling all the time, and it is wonderful. I have you to thank for that - my friends, my family, the strangers, all of you who've found and loved and bought my work, and supported me in it. So many people have helped and keep helping, and I am grateful, every day.

I wish you peace and joy, inspiration and courage, and the will for all of it, in this bright new year.

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