Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Triumph over technology

Harkness in January. Oil on cradled wood panel, 4x6

I made this painting Sunday, sitting inside the VW, thawing. I had tried a larger one, out in the frigid wind, and gave up after an hour or so. I was frozen. But the day was still beautiful and moving, and I had this small panel, and so I painted, right there in the front seat. I very much like the wood panel. I like the smooth feel of it, and the way the paint glides on. I think this little painting has the feel of a cold, windy day at the edge of the Sound.

Now, inside and warm, I've struggled for the past three - count 'em three! - hours to master enough technology to make this blog do what I've promised it would do, and thought it was doing: Sending emails automatically to those of you who've signed up to follow it.

Turns out, I was wrong. It's not been sending those emails. I didn't know this until yesterday! So, I do apologize. Most of you are, like me, not technically gifted, so I believe and hope that you'll cut me some slack.

And I really hope you will sign up to receive updates! As promised! See the little box to the right of the painting? It says "subscribe via email," and has a little space where you can enter your email address. Just do that, hit the "subscribe" button and then type in the letters you see (this proves you're not a robot, apparently). You will have to go to your email inbox and reply to a confirmation email, but that's it. Then, every time I post, that posting will be delivered, picture and all, to your email.

I am subscribed this way to a blog of an amazing plein-air painter, Robin Weiss. His blog is http://inpleinair.blogspot.com/ and his work is really great. I've been enjoying receiving the emails with his paintings, and thought that's what all you followers were getting!

So sign up, won't you? And thanks!

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