Friday, March 27, 2009

The long view

Outside Westtown. Oil on stretched canvas, 8x10

We lived in Cuddebackville, N.Y., for more than five years. And I always explored. It's my nature. I like taking roads that I think might come out in a place I know - or might come out in a place I don't know. I hate going to a place on one route and coming back on the same one. I enjoy getting myself lost and finding my way out again.

That's why I was so amazed to find, virtually in my own backyard, the road from Minisink to Unionville to Westtown - a painter's paradise of a route, with lovely long views, and plenty of shoulder to pull off on, and even, if I'd been in the mood, horses and cows to paint. I can't believe that I didn't find this road while we were living here.

But today, it was just what I wanted. I was looking for fields with that March mustard yellow, fresh from under snow, still wet and dark, and maybe just beginning to green up. And on this road, I found them.

Later in the day, I took special pleasure from showing my paintings to my realtor and my new attorney. I feel a little bit like a pusher when I do this, bring people to the back of my car, and open my trunk and make them look at still-wet work.

I don't think either liked them, and that's OK. I've known from the start that my paintings aren't for everyone. But this one, I do like this one.


Denise Aumick said...

I came to find your blog by way of Michelle F. I like your painting style very much. It has such a feeling of freedom and much much emotion. I guess you can count me out of the Mr/Ms Attorney-Realtor art critiquers circle.

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, Denise, I count you in! And any friend of that NUT Michelle is a friend of mine indeed. Thank you for your lovely comments! I'm so glad you like my work.