Friday, March 27, 2009

A new day

Minisink. Oil on Pintaur panel, 8x10

The day dawned sunny and warm, and so did my spirit. I am grateful for my underlying optimism, and also for the friends and family members who reached out to me with such love and such support.

Also, some heartening events took place. We have an offer on our house here in New York, and while it's not the greatest offer in the world, it's an offer, and we're happy to have it and accept it. Now to see if it gets to closing. They say the third time's the charm - and this is the third offer we've had.

I've spent much of this day painting. It was warm enough that I was able to take off my jacket and my sweatshirt, and I'm feeling just the hint of sunburn on my arms and face. How great is that!

It's a little hard to read this painting, and I might go back and paint the foreground trees out, or try it again, and just leave the trees out. I was high up on a hill, and the branches and limbs there in the foreground are just the tops of the trees growing up from the steep hillside below.

I really like the sky in this painting, and the far hills. So even with the foreground issues, I'm pretty pleased.

Thank you all for reading, and for being so supportive.

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r garriott said...

This looks like one of your best yet-- just right as is. It has a marvelous sense of place.

Hope the offer worked out on your house and that all else if your life is good and happy.