Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Blu

Big Blu. Oil on stretched canvas, 8x10, donation to Ledyard Animal Shelter.

When President Obama was inaugurated, he called for all of us to give to our communities. I can paint, and I can write, and those are wonderful skills. But in the greater scheme of life, alas, they just aren't that useful.

But, I was thinking, maybe I could gather like-minded individuals and we could paint or write about dogs, and somehow raise money and help our local shelters.

Then, on line, I met Sheila Tajima, ( a former police officer and wonderfully vibrant painter. She had an idea like mine, but better. She wanted to paint give the paintings directly to the shelters. Elegant, simple, straightforward, a great idea.

I climbed on board, we began to work things out, and lo and behold, Art Calendar wants 400 words on the project, and so we are off and running.

If you're an artist, and you're you're intrigued - and why not? - you might approach your local shelter with the idea. The shelter will, no doubt, love it, but it's thoughtful to alert them beforehand.

Most shelters post photographs of their animals on If they don't, you can take your own pictures, or ask the shelter manager to take pix for you. Or you can work live, though I don't recommend it.

Make your paintings small, easy and fun for you. If you've been wanting to try a new technique, a new color, a new idea, this is a great opportunity. There's no need to frame the painting, and no rules against framing it. The point here is to start and finish the project, and make the donation happen.

When you finish the painting, send a jpg of it to Sheila ( or to me ( and we will post it on our new blog, Art for Animals ( A 72-dpi photo, not too big, would be ideal. Please include your contact information, website, blog, whatever.

This painting of Big Blu, a pit bull at our local shelter, is my first piece for the project. I downloaded the photo from petfinders, printed it and painted from the photograph. And I really like it!

Sheila and I hope you join us in this venture. It's fun, it's valuable, and it will help.


Unknown said...

Big Blu is wonderful Carrie! What a great pic. In our next posts on Art for the Animals maybe we should talk about the reaction we got when we approached our respective shelters about our ideas.

carrie jacobson said...

Sheila, thanks for the comment, and please do post that conversation. There's no reason we both can't post a bunch - and I hope you put your shelter animal paintings up, the ones you did a few weeks ago!

Hugs to you!

r garriott said...

Nice idea, Sheila & Carrie. I wish you big luck with this and all artistic endeavors and labors of love.

p.s., Carrie, Haven't forgotten/abandoned you-- keep meaning to get back to you on the pricing thing. I have a great article around here somewhere (just gotta find it) that covers most of the bases.

James Parker said...

Carrie, you and Sheila are "angels" to our furry friends. Great idea and great project. Good luck. p.s. I looked over at your followers list and didn't see me. I had thought I was already a blogalong. However, if I was I'm "found"