Monday, March 9, 2009


Chris Rose, curator of the Lighthouse Gallery, asked for 30 pieces and hung all 58 that I brought him. The gallery, an intimate and friendly place, is filled with small, brightly colored pieces by Laura Maiolo and myself. "Places You Know," continues through March 30.

From the outside of the Lighthouse Gallery, looking in.

A visitor to the opening of "Places You Know" looks at some of the teeny pieces I painted - 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, on tiny easels, beneath some of my other small paintings.
Photographs by Peter Jacobson

Friday night's opening of "Places You Know/ small pieces" was, by my standards, wildly successful. For starters, Chris Rose, the gallery curator, did pretty much all the work. He made the postcards, sent them out, hung the art, bought the food and drink for the reception, and made the price list/bio sheets - and dreamed up the concept in the first place.

In my limited show experience, this was unusual. And while I have never minded the work or the control of setting everything up, Chris's participation and leadership made the opening reception feel more like a celebration to me. I actually had time and energy to paint, right up to the opening.

My other shows have been wonderful, and I've loved them. But by the time the doors opened and the reception started, I've been stressed out, spent and exhausted. Chris shouldered the burden for Laura and myself.

Of course, I was worried that my work wouldn't hold up beside Laura's. She's been to art school, after all. She has a degree, and her paintings are beautiful and careful and patient and wonderfully inviting. But my art looked just fine beside hers, and in so many ways, our paintings worked well together.

Many friends came to the opening. Peter was there, of course, offering all the help a husband can offer. My dear, close friends and supporters, Carden Holland and Anne Ilsen and Ann Stewart came, bringing enthusiasm and joy and friends of their own. My stepdaughter Erika came, with her beau and his daughter. Friends from the past showed up. Sculptors and clay artists and painters attended. And strangers came, too. Laura's friends spilled into my end of the gallery, and my friends spilled into her end, and everyone talked and smiled and met, and looked at the art and clearly felt joy. There was much happiness, many congratulations, and a healthy amount of buying.

I hope that it continues throughout the month!

The Gallery at Lighthouse is located at 744 Long Hill Road in Groton, in the Groton Shopping Plaza, beside Arrow Party & Paper. Chris Rose, the curator, may be reached at 860-445-7627, ext. 108, or The gallery is open Monday-Friday, noon to 5 p.m., and Saturdays by chance or appointment. I'd love to go through the show with you. Email me at, or give me a call.
The show is open through March 30.


Unknown said...

Wow.... how wonderful you are. Over fifty pieces accepted to a gallery. *sigh* Still a dream for me. Yay Carrie!

loriann signori said...

Congratulations on your wonderful show! You must be feeling so good!