Monday, March 30, 2009


Skylar. Oil on gessoboard panel, 6x6, by Carrie Jacobson.
To be donated to the Ledyard, Conn., animal shelter.

I don't know much about Skylar, other than that he looks like an older dog, and was up for adoption in our local shelter last week. I didn't find him on my first search. I found him on my second. I couldn't find him on my third. So who knows? Maybe Skylar has found a home. Would that they all were so lucky.

Chez Jacobson is veritably abuzz with art energy this week. As I type, Peter is framing the last of 29 eye-stopping photographs for his show, which opens Friday at the Lighthouse Gallery in the Groton Shopping Center on Long Hill Road in Groton. I spent much of the day getting my canvases ready for my trip, collecting materials, and ironing out details.

If making art could generate heat, this house would be scalding. And if making art could generate money - just like that - well, we'd be rolling in it.

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Lori M Rowe said...

I realy love this one!