Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing but blue skies

Reservoir No. 4. Oil on stretched canvas, 10x20

This painting is part palette knife, part brush, part reality, part imagination. I love the deep blues, the violent sky, the sense of life and air and seasons moving.

Speaking of things moving, the Art for the Animals project is zipping along rapidly. The blog ( already has half as many followers as I have here. Sheila Tajima, my partner in crime, has posted a bunch of her shelter animal paintings, and they are just wonderful. I've written a piece for Art Calendar, and am going to approach the local papers with the project, and so I expect a burst of attention and enthusiasm. It's exciting!

Meantime, my trip to Arizona is postponed for a little bit while we figure out our car situation. We need to replace the VW before I drive it across the hinterlands. I can use the time to get the AFSA project underway.

Thanks for reading! Why not check out the AFSA site, and join up? Make a painting of a shelter animal, give the painting to the shelter, and send me an image for the blog.

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Unknown said...

Wow... see? This is exciting and what I see you expanding into bigger versions of this style. It's gorgeous!