Thursday, March 5, 2009


Autumn in Colchester. Oil on stretched canvas, 16x20
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Somehow, I lost this painting in the mix. I found it last week, stacked behind a couple other paintings, on top of one of the dog crates in the living room, and I took it down into the basement studio and finished it for the show in Groton.

This was an achingly beautiful day, a Sunday, I believe. I'd traveled down Route 82 from Route 395, never dreaming that I'd end up in Colchester. I set up in the driveway to a big, old working farm. Hay bales filled a couple of sheds. A barn looked to be nearly falling down, but still housed a herd of cows, and tractors and other farm equipment stood, rusting, in a muddy low spot. The sun shone as bright and clear as I've ever seen it, and the rush of autumn colors could have blinded me.

This painting makes me happy. And seeing it hanging in the gallery in Groton makes me even happier. It's a dynamite show , if I do say so myself. The work of my compadre, Laura Maolo, is lovely. It's primarily paintings of buildings and streets, mostly in watercolors, and mostly small. It's brightly colored - and there is our shared vision - and is careful, neat, thoughtful and enchanting. Our paintings work really well together!

You're all invited to the opening, which is tomorrow night - Friday - from 5-8 p.m. The gallery is in the Groton Shopping Plaza, on Route 12, next to Arrow Party & Paper.

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