Friday, March 6, 2009

Cownting down

Two small paintings of cows, each 2.5 x 3.5, on teeny easels

My show in the Lighthouse Gallery in Groton opens in an hour and a half, and so I have to skedaddle! But I wanted to post these two tiny impressionistic cow paintings first. I made these on the last warm day we had, a week and a half ago, in Clark's Falls. The cows all stared at me for a time, and then, once they figured out that I had no food, went about their bovine business.

Tomorrow should be warm and sunny, a fine painting day! I will post photos from the opening, for all who can't attend.


Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you!!! have a great time and tell us all about it later!

MANPOLO said...

kool ...thanks for sharing