Monday, September 21, 2009

By the Christmas Tree Farm

By the Christmas Tree Farm. Oil on canvas, 20x20

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There's something in the change from summer to autumn that stirs my soul.

I imagine it's got something to do with all those years of school. No matter how I felt about who I was, or how successful or accepted I was, the beginning of school was a wonderful time. I loved school. I loved learning. I loved writing. I even loved being indoors after a summer on the beach.

We got new school clothes every year, and new shoes, too, and shopping for these with my mother, and bringing them home, unwrapping them, trying them on, modeling them, all of this was exciting, too, year after year.

The new books, the paper-bag covers we made for them, the new pens and notebooks, everything clean and unspoiled and available for hope, I loved all of it.

The sense of change these autumn days, the cool nights, the mist in the morning fields, the gorgeous golden light, the feeling of something about to happen, it all quickens my pulse, sharpens my senses, makes me hunger for adventure.

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