Thursday, September 3, 2009

Closer to the Sky

This is my first studio, here at the Whalehead Road world headquarters of Jacobson Arts.

What you don't see is that when I moved my studio into this bedroom, there was a woodstove in here that took up about a quarter of the space. We sold the woodstove, but then, forced to clean the rug in Peter's office, he and I moved a huge bulk of his stuff into my studio.

That stuff? It never left.

Even before his stuff edged into my space, I had moved my painting to the basement. And honestly, it's not been a bad studio space. I have as much room as I could want, and if I'm ever low on inspiration, I can try on clothes, sort through poorly labeled boxes or do laundry. Also, the cats and their litter boxes add to the ambiance.

I never moved my desk, or computer, or any of that to the basement, though.

Ta-dah! While I was hauling my work from Maine to New York, a wonderful carpenter actually showed up, on time, and put stairs up to the second floor of the garage. It's not as big a space as the basement, but it has a skylight, two windows and it's all mine! There's room for my desk, the wireless connection works all the way out there, and it is as quiet and animal-free as I want. And greedy me, I am not sharing it with anyone.

Of course, I need insulation, electricity and some way to heat - but that is all doable.

I am a happy painter with my treetop studio!

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