Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's Last Stand

Mackerel Skies. Oil on canvas panel, 16x20, $75

There's a view of the fields across the road from Manfredi's farm stand in Westerly, R.I., that I've been hankering to paint for a while now.

I spent the entire day on Saturday wrangling with multiple, maddening layers of idiocy and the mind-numbing bureaucracy of AT&T, and so, on Sunday morning, I was more than ready to paint. After the day I had yesterday, I figured luck would be on my side. Though it was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I set out toward Dunn's Corners, a mile or so from the beach.

What I found amazed me. On a regular summer Sunday morning, Route 2 and Route 78 heading toward the beach would be jammed. But this morning, there was me, and a couple other cars. That was it.

As I set up on Pound Road, looking at the fields and the farm buildings and the mackerel sky, I said "So long" to summer. It's just over. The beach-goers know it and now, I know it, too.

And I couldn't be happier. The crisp nights, the clear air, the warm afternoons - perfect days, and perfect for painting, too.

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