Monday, September 28, 2009

Wading In

Wading In. Oil on canvas, 6x18

I'm feeling at loose ends today. Part of it is the weather, changing and spinning, whisking in on this late September breeze. Part of it is my Wallkill River School show ending, and the inevitable sense of coming down that accompanies the finishing of a show. Part of it is our old dog, Kaja, and her creaky and slow recovery. Part of it is wrapping up the dog project for Center Framing and Art. And part of it, I'm sure, is my constant wondering about the value of what I'm doing.

For now, I am not going to dwell on the questions or the answers. I'm going to do what the young man in this painting is doing. I am going to wade in and keep searching. Sure, the water might be up to my knees, and I might wade in even deeper. But I'm going past the edge, past the lip of the waves, and I'm going to see.

Thanks for coming with me.


Unknown said...

Let me get my ducky floater and I'll join you!

carrie jacobson said...

quack quack, Sheila!